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I appologize for the condition of this site.

On May 3, 1999 the Ontario Political Police raided my home with a search warrant on dubious fabricated allegations while I was not home. They seized my computer which was returned on June 17, 1999 with the files for this Legal Resources Page missing.  ( Read the full story) The "allegations" were by corrupt persons in power and authority in Timmins who fabricated Canada's first ever charge under Sec 300 of the Criminal Code for alleged libel on the internet and for peacefully demonstrating.. Read 299 to 319 to get an idea of how incredibly  corrupt these particular charges are.

The site will have to be rebuilt from scratch will take many hundreds of hours of work.




  "Opinions are like arse-holes, every one has one"             Sgt.  Jim Maire    City of Timmins Private Police Force                  

"The individual who persecutes another because he is not of the same opinion is nothing less than a monster."     

Voltaire (1694-1778)    The Philosophical Dictionary of Voltaire     

Voltair on prejudice

Non Canadian Legal Resources Hundreds of legal educational and Research links.

New !     Legal Aid Resources           Educational Links

     Criminal Code of Canada  "By the numbers"  

      New !    The Black Book     Dictionaries, Thesaurus,                     Prose, Ryme, Verse and word  power                      tools.

  New !  The Tool Box   Encyclopedias &  References


The C.C.C. page has been "simplified" ,  This page has had rave reviews.

                Government Bills  Hansard Index


FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN  (Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access - December 98)

The Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs



Usefull   Links to Other  legal  Sites

Sudbury Legal  Resources


Purple Hearts Page This is a page dedicated to a few of the many incredible and remarkable lawyers who have set new frontiers in the fight against injustice and corruption.

(under construction, suggestions welcome)



The Tool Box            Encyclopedias and References

The Black book       Dictionaries

The Divorce Act   (Canada Justice Site)

Child and Family Services Act




        Law Societies in Canada

        Internet Resources for Canadian Lawyers

        Parliamentary Internet

        Supreme Court of Canada

          Ontario Court of Appeal

        British Columbia Court of Appeal

        Department of Justice of Canada

        Judith Bowers' Law Lists

        Judith Bowers Law Links

        Alan Gahtan's Canadian Legal Resources

        Gahtan Law List

        Virtual Canadian Law Library

        The Virtual Law Library

        JURIST Canada

        The Access to Justice Network (ACJNet)

        Law Society of Upper Canada

        Canadian Bar Association - Ontario

        Ontario Legal Aid

        Canadian Law Schools

        Canadian Judges

        The Lawyers Weekly


    About Parential Alienation Syndrome

    The importance of Fathers


The  Suicide Andy Renouf    by  Rev. Alan Stewart

   Andy Reouf's Actual Suicide Letter pdf file



Writ of Mandamus

Humerous Transcripts from Court

Shared Parenting





Latest confidential transcripts  from court




Rough format of a  General Division Affidavit 

Note the above (General Division) affidavit information has no connection with any person living or dead and is fictional for educational purposes only. This affidavit was not prepared by a lawyer and may contain errors.  It is however probably typical of do it yourself affidavits filed as material. Due to transfer of file from word perfect to HTML has some errors. Numbers for paragraphs should be indented. Lines can be double spaced. 


How to lay a private criminal charge



The next two sites sound fantastic and contain a small amount of good material. They appear for the purpose of selling books of the web site owner. ie the usual stunt of geting  a good web site name and use it to sell books.

Fathers rights to custody page Caution  book sales

National Center For Fathering ( ) ( Book Sales )


Childrens Justice . org  


Form 19 to appeal to an Legal Aid Area Comittee concering a refusal to grant legal aid.

How to get bail money refunded


United States

United States Links... This is under construction and is getting quite long!


This page is under construction.


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Sample   documents for Provincial and Superior Courts.


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