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This page is not for the general public and is addressed to LAWYERS ONLY who may be interested in representing me.

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Currently I seek legal representation in

Criminal and Civil cases.

1.    Criminal Libel CCC 300 x 5;    This is the first time anyone in Canada has been charged for publishing information on the internet.   Ideally you will be a lawyer who is unknown in the North and North East regions.   The complainants are a Judge,  a lawyer, an agency and the executive director of  a feminist organization.  Legal Aid with traveling has been approved and subject to a letter of opinion that you will write you will most likely be granted traveling to and from Toronto ect.    For further information   Call Roger Townsend at 705 235 9888


2.     Bail Review ; and application for return of seized property.  Legal Aid request that the same lawyer do both the Bail Review and the Criminal Libel.  A date of Sep 9, 1999 has been set for the hearing of a motion which includes  substantial relief.  It will in addition  be a form of civil litigation against the crown.                           For further information  Call Roger Townsend at 705 235 9888


3.   Statement of Defense and Counter Claim for $9,000,000.  I hand wrote this document while without my seized computer and served it on the other parties solicitor.  I then took it to legal aid and successfully obtained approval for the matter.

This approval includes traveling from at least Sudbury and I expect that it will require a lawyer from outside the Northern and North East Regions.

For further information  Call Roger Townsend at 705 235 9888



WRONGFULL DISMISAL For over six months I was an airline pilot  and   I was often employed  flying judges around the province of Ontario.   

On December 15, 1997 a "Mrs Doubtfire" decision was made in my family matter.  On December 23, 1997 I applied for transcripts.

Almost immediately this fact was relayed to the Senior Judge in Sudbury who wrote  "A letter"    referring to the possibility of an appeal and ongoing litigation as the reasons why I should NOT be a pilot flying judges. 

On Jan 5, 1998 I received a phone call from my employer who advised me of the contents of this letter and asked "Are you appealing this or what"

On Jan 14, 1998 I filed an appeal of the family matter that I wrote myself without legal representation.   Almost immediately I was told that my supervisor would be coming to see me on February 5, 1998.   

I had just been given a promotion.   The company spent around $5,000 on training me for this promotion.  I was employed as an airline pilot untill the day before February 5, 1998 on which date I was terminated.

I have not been able to find alternative employment.  It has resulted in extreme  stress, distress  and mountain of litigation that has resulted from me strongly representing my denied legal rights.

The lack of employment has denied me effective legal representation and has added weight to the innuendo that there must be something wrong with me ect...

If you are a lawyer interested in taking on this case please call me at 705 235 9888.

For further information  Call Roger Townsend at 705 235 9888



( Legal aid approved to write a letter of opinion )

   I belive that there is sufficient evidence that will result in  criminal convictions. 

IN ONTARIO SMALL TOWNS, corruption is a common problem and Timmins Ontario is no exception. If fact it has what is called a pretty bad name for it.  Go against the "establishment" in Timmins and you suddenly find yourself with a pile of fabricated criminal charges.

Just as Bill Clinton learned that sex under the table was legal but   comitting perjury and obstruction of justice was illegal what we have in my case is a  "Stack" of criminal offences against myself that local police and justice employees turn a blind eye too.

AWAY FROM  TIMMINS  I was successful in  laying TWO private informations under  CCC Sec   507  and PROCESS WAS ISSUED.   I now see the justice system circling the wagons to prevent any further charges which means extraodinary legal measures will be required to result in successful prosecutions. I belive that extraordinary measures will be ultimately successful. 

You will be a lawyer undeterred by motions to squash  and  other tools that are used to unethically  obstruct and prevent justice.

( My oppinion. )   The charges include:

1.  Fabrication of evidence.

2.  Perjury. 

3.   Assault

4.  Death threats  

5.  Intimidation 

6.  Conspiracy to convict and innocent person.

7.   Obstruction of Justice    (multiple charges)

You will need to be a lawyer with guts and determination for this one. Most lawyers will not have the courage required to take any of these on.

If you were a crown attorney these charges would be very easy to prosecute if the alleged persons were just average citizens and generally  of the male gender.

For further information  Call Roger Townsend at 705 235 9888



                           WRITS OF MANDAMUS

If you a law student with an interest in Writs of Mandamus and or extraordinary measures please give me a call or send me an Email or call 705 235 9888

I seek copies of successfull mandamus actions. Currently I do not have access to Quick Law.  Please contact me first prior to sending any files.