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Fathers shall overcome

Martin Luther King became an inspiration to me in 1993 when my civil rights as a divorced father were being repeatedly violated by the Kansas courts. His willingness to stand up to corrupt judges and wrongful societal actions through non-violence, and a self education of the U.S. Constitution truly grounded me in reading his biography.

This is the way fathers will win their freedom back to be equal with their children in spite of the odds and opinions of certain prejudiced judges. The "glass ceiling" of custody must be shattered by fathers who are separated from their children.

The false allegations being allowed into courts and easy divorces with marriage counseling being denied by judges are an affront to due process and equality demanded of the maligned 14th Amendment. Judges with prejudice in their darkened hearts against fathers have set this state up for a major multi-million dollar lawsuit for civil rights violations.

As blacks had to fight for full citizenship rights in the '50s, so divorced dads (20 million of us) will fight the same fight for our dignity and against the racketeering of divorce judges denying our rights. We shall overcome!